Why you should never ignore proper tyre care in summer?


July 07, 2019 07:12 PM

Despite knowing the significance of tires in a vehicle performance; auto owners unintentionally neglect them, when it comes to routine care and maintenance of the vehicle. In fact, these are often the most neglected part of the vehicle. Lack of primary care and upkeep not only affects the durability but also disturbs the balance, power transmission to the pedal and steering sensitivity of the vehicle. As they carry the whole weight of the car and bare the hurdles on the driveways, timely maintenance and care are mandatory throughout the year in every season.

Though manufacturers provide necessary instructions about care and maintenance to educate users, several car owners mistakenly believe on a false assumption that winter is the season to check and service tires. As roads are clear and not covered with snow in the summer season, they assume tread will remain unaffected. This encourages them to ignore regular care and pressure checkups. In fact, rubber depth and pressure should be checked all over the year to ensure that all four pieces have the minimum tread depth of at least 1.6 mm. Irrespective of the type and a brand tyre fitted in your vehicle, you should never ignore cleaning, conditioning and pressure checking to keep them rolling without losing traction in summer and winter.

Why is it necessary to take care of tyres in summer?

Summers are often unpredictable. Rainstorms and extreme temperatures in arid environment increase accident risks. If you continue driving your vehicle with a damaged and underinflated rubber with inaccurate pressure in hot weather, it will blow out anytime during the drive. Exploding tire is threatening as it suddenly eliminates driver control over steering. Danger will further increase if burst occurs in front tires. Similarly, rubber with low tread fails to provide traction on wet roads required for safe drive. Water and oil buildups in summer make roads extraordinarily slippery and make driving difficult. This shows the importance of regular care and maintenance in hot weather as well.

How to check tire pressure in summer?

You can quickly check pressure with a gauge. Though, you need to consider few important things before you check the inside pressure in summer.

Manufacturers specify pressure in PSI “pound per square inch” unit for measuring air pressure; this value is given for cold tires. This is why pressure checking is recommended when rubber is cold. Ideally, the vehicle should be parked at least three hours or more.

Rubber is considered cold when a vehicle is parked at least for three hours or more. This is the ideal condition to measure the pressure. However, air can be checked in a moving vehicle, provided that it should be moving at the moderate speed and covered a small distance of less than a mile.

During hot summer days, heat, friction dry weather substantially increase pressure, which will result in over inflation. This condition should not be ignored for long, as it could result in a blowout, which could be extremely dangerous for everyone including drivers.  Excess of pressure should be taken seriously and fixed on a priority basis.

Similarly, a condition happened due to lack of pressure is equally dangerous. Underinflated rubber become more flexible and generates an excess of heat, which eventually damage the tread of the tire.

EndNote: Regular care is mandatory for all tire types to avail maximum performance from brand tyres. Whether its summer or winter, you need to maintain accurate pressure along with cleaning and maintenance.