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What Is Google Links In Sitewide And Blogrolls?


October 09, 2018 11:53 AM

After launching Penguin 4.0, it is natural that emerge many questions about the quality of links and values. And this time, John Mueller, Webmaster Trend Analyst, had to answer a question about site wide links and those from blogrolls. A link site wide is a link that appears on all pages of the site. This is often the case links in footer or footer. But one can also find them in the site navigation sidebar and seo services in Lahore. By definition, a blogroll is a list of links from one blog to other blogs, usually of the same theme. They are often friendly sites we appreciate and we like to recommend to our visitors.But very often this is also a form of reciprocity between blogs that end up not looking like a real blog links network friends.


Google has so far, and repeatedly castigated the practice of reciprocity, sometimes to penalize some blogs with blogrolls.What frightened and / or discouraged many webmasters who then removed their listings connections. It was legitimate to whether such links in the footer and the sidebar of the blog or site navigation can result in a penalty or whether to use, for the one who receives the disavowal tool for disavow.But, other times, other customs. John Mueller, answering the question mentioned above was finally suggested that blogroll links are not all automatically bad.


The Answer To John Mueller :

In general, if they are normal organic links that point to your content, I would advise you not to touch it. This is the way the Internet works. People pointing links to your content.

For example, if you are a teacher and your students or students have blogs, regardless of their quality, if they feel that you are a teacher who really knows what he is talking in course, while their links to your blog or website will be welcome, because they are good links. and this is not something you have to disavow because they come with a side navigation bar or a blogroll. He then asked John Muller if those links may seem as artificial because they are present in a blogroll. To which he replied: No. I would not worry where do the links. If they are organic links pointing to your site, then it's perfect.

Usually, organic links are links from the results of search engines. But when John Mueller speaks of "organic links" is compared to paid links, and thus links for which the one who received them had paid the one who sent them. It may also want to talk about dynamic links that are generated by scripts in widgets or gadgets that often place in the side navigation bar of the site. as long as your link site wide blogroll or is done manually and spontaneously, without any exchange of money or gift, you do not need to remove it. Now little bit these kind of links may useful for seo.