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The Gift from the Universe  – The Hermit

A beautiful card for this position!


‘ I am within you and I am you. I am your inner light. The Hermit is you – looking for your inner light. It is a journey that each souls will embark at one point. The Hermit is here to guide you home, back to the light and the unconditional love. You are a Divine being, being of light, you are creator and magnificent being with enormous powers to manifest anything your heart desires. Connect with this energy and the universe will pour all the light and abundance into you.’

dsc05814The Hermit represents energy of solitude and silence. He is not afraid to spend time alone. He reflects on himself, observe his inner world. He understands that self-mastery is an art that needs be cultivated by being alone but not feeling abandoned. On the contrary he sees his solitude as a gift to cultivate spiritual truth, to self-study and observe. Once he is aware of his inner world he brings the light to others.

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