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Thinking of Remodelling Your Interior Wall Textures? Think About Alutech Acps


December 08, 2018 01:58 PM

Don’t we all get bored looking at the interiors of our house? How many times have we wished to change our interiors but have failed in our plans? Possibly a lot of times. If you want to change the look of your interiors and have held your thoughts back then we might have some splendid ideas and options for you which you can follow to give a new look to your old interiors. It’s time to bring in something new, something which will awestruck your visitors and for all the good reasons.

Our ideas will help you to change the look of the interiors of your homes as well as the commercial spaces that you own. Most of the times what we do for our interiors is changing the wall colour with a new paint or sticking stickers on our walls. But, these are some of the most common techniques which fade with time and now. It’s time now to create something different, something alluring which will make your interiors look incomparable and extremely attractive.

Just one question for you, did you know that you can install Aluminium Composite Panels in Delhi? Yes, you can. In fact, ACP sheets are being used by most of the designers to create a strikingly different look both for the interiors as well as exterior cladding. You can create wonderful designs with these ACP sheets which will remain like that for a long time. You can choose natural stone, wood, and textures, and even create fantastic 3D patterns as well. There are a lot of ideas, all you need to do is think for a bit and start with your design.

Following are some of the ways that you can create with Alutech’s Aluminium Composite Panel sheets:

•    Modern-style textures for your living room wall

Check Alutech’s glossy ACP sheets and bring in sophistication to your living room. Your living room is the only area in your home which you design in an attractive way to make it look appealing for your visitors. Choose a bright striking colour for the wall which is in the centre and complement it with a light toned colour for the remaining walls. This simple yet sophisticated look will create a vibrant look for your interiors. Rest, make sure that you choose the glossy colour for your wall which matches with the furniture colour.

•    Contemporary-style textures for your living and drawing room

Another great idea for your living and dining room can be by designing a 3D effect texture for your walls. The 3D pattern is not common and looks very classy. They are different and are perfect for office spaces too. If you are looking for a cool and contemporary look for your commercial space, then is one idea that you can execute.

•    Artisan-style textures for your bedroom walls

If you have a natural wood flooring coloured floor in your bedroom then try installing natural stone textures for the walls. This look will take you to old age. A look which is raw yet so natural. Create an inspiring look for your bedroom. Buy decorative items which will complement this look.

•    Coastal-style textures for your kid’s bedroom walls

Your kids love to go to beaches, so why not bring in the beach to their room? Sounds great right! Choose the sea blue colour sober solid ACP sheet. This coastal look will make your kids super happy. Stick some beautiful sea pattern stickers on the wall to create that oomph factor.

•    Natural-style textures for the living room walls

If you are inspired by nature and want your home to look like that, then you can change your wall colours by installing natural wood ACP sheet on your wall. Bring in some flowers to complete the overall look. The wood-like ACP sheets are eco-friendly and not harmful.

ACP sheets are always durable and cost-friendly. It won’t be heavy on your pockets and you can give any shapes to these ACP sheets. They are flexible and can be installed in the least amount of time. Use these ACP sheets in your home and your commercial spaces to design something magnificent. Whatever style you choose, we are sure it will make your interiors no less than a castle.