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Superficial and Deep Cleansing After the consultation, the client will be welcomed and positioned in a therapy couch. Before the treatment routine, the therapist will remove any eye and lip make up. The superficial cleanse is a technique to remove all surface make up traces, pollutants and dirt from the client’s skin. Deep cleanse involves

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Benefits of Beauty Facial Massage Increased blood circulation and nourishment to the skin Helps skin to stay firm and smooth Texture of the skin is improved Massage removes metabolism waste Moisture level of the skin is balanced Muscles become stimulated and strengthened, tensions and knots are eased away Stress is reduced and sense of well-being

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Botanicals Skincare Botanicals skincare products are certified as organic; they use natural and organic ingredients such as natural cold-pressed oils. All products are made fresh and in small batches to preserve their botanical properties. Their pleasant aroma stimulates both mind, body and spirit. Their properties help to restore the natural balance of the skin through

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Beauty Facial Massage Beauty facial massage is very beneficial for maintaining a good skin condition, the treatment itself is very relaxing. The treatment involves client’s consultation and checking for any contraindications, make-up removal, superficial and deep cleanse, skin analysis, exfoliation, facial massage, face mask, toning and moisturizing. The session last an hour although can be

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Beauty Facial Massage Superficial and Deep Cleansing Every each of us desires to look beautiful. We search for beautiful things in every aspect of our lives. We create beauty according to our feelings and emotions. Beauty reflects harmony of the inner and the outer world. Beauty defines good health, vitality, joy and passion for life.

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Queen of Cups Emotions are vast as the ocean. They represents waves in the ocean and they are part of us. Sometimes these waves can feel larger than we are. It is when we give them ‘food’ to thrive on. Our thoughts and past experiences influences our emotional state. Queen of Cups has travelled on

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The main benefits of Thai foot massage: Reduces stress Helps with insomnia Assists relaxation Improves blood circulation Detoxification and strengthening of the immune system Improves circulation in the legs and feet Stimulates lymphatic drainage Boosts immune system Helps to increase oxygen in the body Reduces stiffness and improves flexibility To book a Thai foot massage

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Thai foot massage There are reflex points in the feet that correspond to an internal organ of the human body. In Thai medicine the energy lines are called Sen lines that run through the entire body ending at the feet and hands.  When these energy lines are blocked, disease or illness manifest in the physical

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History and Benefits of Thai Foot Massage Short history and background I first visited Thailand back in 2009. Mesmerised by their rich and ancient culture, Thai cuisine and their hot climate, I made a promise myself to make changes in the way I view foods and my entire life style. After years of searching and