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April 23, 2020 01:24 AM

The success of the business depends on the reach of its product or services to the end users and is possible only through the selling and promotion of the goods and services.

All these market dealings can be handled only by the marketers in promoting the ideas, products or services. Their work involves varied activities like planning, event organization, sponsorship, research, product development, public relation and advertising. It is a fast paced and a challenging role.

To increase the productivity and complete the job on time, the marketers can readily engage, share and connect with all the available options to promote their business. There are many marketing tools and software available in the market that makes things easy. The data and making tools are available in the form of mobile apps that are convenient and readily accessible from tracking the campaign metrics to uploading the blog posts.

Digital marketing apps for the marketers

The marketers have to promote the business in the online and offline and have to be updated with all the business activities. The role of the marketers can be made into a cinch with the mobile apps taking care of all the business activities like the office apps, analytics apps, social media management apps, design apps, SEO apps, website optimizing apps, brainstorming apps, client relation apps, image creation and graphic apps.

Though there are so many mobile apps available for the marketers, there are certain must have apps a marketer should have in their mobile phones and tablet devices.

Blogging apps

Blogger: This is popular blogging software used for both the business and personal use and it is readily accessible to upload the blogs from the tablet and mobile phones. The app is synced with the location services, so the marketers can share their location in the blog. The marketers can edit the blog and insert images and photos from the device and manage the user comments. This is an efficacy app for the marketers to blog and promotes the business

WordPress: This is another famous app among the marketers for uploading the blogs using the tablets and mobile phones. The users can manage their business site using this mobile app for the official WordPress websites and the self hosted websites.

Content consumption apps

Contents are most important perspective in the digital marketing and it gives new ideas and useful information to enhance the business marketing strategy.

Mashable: The marketers can get all the latest updates and feeds about the market. Only authenticated and genuine articles are published on this platform, so the readers are aware of the up to date with all the information related to the business.


Pocket: The marketers keep moving from one place to another on business basics and will have no time to search for the best videos and articles, but with this Pocket app the users can save the articles and read it in their leisure time. They can also save contents directly from the apps like Zite, Pulse, Twitter and Flipboard and from the browser.

Feedly: The content that is required by the marketers for marketing, sales and research can use this app and is a one stop destination to get all the news reports. The news channel can be accessed as a single source to read the article.

Analytics app

The analytics apps help to monitor the growth and development of the business.

Open Site Explorer: The users can analyze the links on the sites and it runs a specified research on identifying the link building opportunities, backlinks and identifies the potential damages caused by the links on the website.


Similar Web: This app gives the complete insight of the website. The marketers can build data driven marketing strategies across different channels and track the growth of the business in the digital market share. It also suggests list of the audiences interested in the business.

Social Engage: This app takes the analytics of the business to the next level and helps in identifying the demographics of the user. The marketers can review the metrics of the build in reports and compare the data ranges. Using this app, the marketers can monitor the real time data.

SM management apps

The marketers can update multiple accounts on the social media networks and get to know the social activity that takes place around the business in the digital market.

Nimble: With the vast multiple channel traffic in the online platform, the business lacks to have a friendly relationship with the consumers. So, the marketers can build a positive and a healthy relationship with the


Buffer: The marketers might have account on different social media platform like the Google +, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Using the Buffer app, the marketers can schedule the updates and check with the performance of the post by following the statistics. The marketers can also create a customized updating process for the different accounts and set up a buffering pattern.

HootSuite: This app is the famous dashboard that enables the marketers to measure the social media websites, and monitor the posts. The marketers can manage the tweets, messages and social media accounts, schedule the posts, analyze the traffic and track the brand mentions.

File Sharing apps

The marketers have to share bulk data and files among the business professionals. There are several mobile apps available in the digital platform that allows the users to handle business documents.

Evernote: The business marketers can capture the notes in an instant, like the digital notes. But the difference between this notes taking app is that it also syncs with the mobile devices like the tablet and smartphone. The marketer can take notes, create a to-do list, share notes and documents, capture photos and writes notes across different devices.


Google Drive:This app is famous among the marketers in the digital forum. The users can access all the documents and files present in the device using the Google Drive app, and they can share the data with the business professionals. The users can comment, edit and store the files on the device and they can even invite other users to view and modify the files.

Dropbox: The marketers can store documents, videos and photos in this app using the data connectivity and access the stored data anywhere at any time. They can share the folder and sync and store the documents on the online interface with the other contacts.

Client relation apps

The marketers must build a proper relationship with the customers and promote their business. This customer relationship can be effectively handled with the help of the mobile apps.

Movable Ink: The marketers can send dynamic contents and send newsletters and other documents using the email. The app enables a different way of communication among the users by creating a personalized interaction with the customers and the other business brands.


Intercom: Earlier customer interaction was a tedious process, where it was difficult for the customers to speak with the business professionals. They have to deal with the customer database, marketing automation, email, helpdesk and live chat. But with the Intercom app, the customers can directly reach out to the professionals. The marketing, sales and the support team are all placed under a single platform.

CardFlick: This app allows the marketers to send business cards and communicate information to the customers with a single click. The marketers can create and share digital business cards using this app. There are several features available in this app that makes the marketers to create unique business cards and send it to the customers.

There are several other digital marketing apps available in the online platform that aids the marketers to quickly complete their task and maintain a good relationship with the customers and other business professionals.