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Mideast Rival of Uber Rival Prized in Valuation


October 30, 2019 12:56 PM

The sovereign of the Saudi Arabia’s wealth, capital has invested the amount as 3.5 billion dollars same as 3.1 billion euros into the Uber services.

It is used to hike the ride-hailing service’s development in the Middle East of Saudi where it now operating in 9countries and 15 cities, contest against the local startups like Careem, the ride-hailing services which run in more than 22 cities across the region. The Uber in Saudi and the investment brought come analysis on the social media.

Saudi Telecom (STC) has allowed buying a maximim10 per cent stake in UAE-based ride-hailing service in Careem for US 100 million dollar. Before the starting this year, Public Investment Fund acquired a stake in Uber of Saudi Arabia, the world rival to the Careem.

The Uber service will use the some of the latest funds in their growth a market which also includes the China, where it accepts it. In Saudi Arabia, the Uber services have conducted for just over 2 years. The Uber says about 81 percent of its more than 130,000 riders in that country is women and not men.

In Saudi Arabia, the women are banned from driving and if they are driving a car and it can be found behind the wheel by anyone they have to face severe punishment. The Saudi country has also progressed invested at least 100 million dollars in the Uber’s rival application Lyft.

In the year of 2016 is almost out, but there’s just time to bless with one or more rides with sharing unicorn. The Careem is one of lower profile rivals in emerging exchange in the Uber and has taken a step into the today’s global limelight after it declared and that it has raised about 350 million dollars, which are led by e-commerce firm Rakuten and Saudi Telecom Company (STC) of Japan.

Uber, which has conducted in Saudi Arabia since 2014 and is extended into the Middle East region. The Uber-company has bounded to investing as more than 250 million dollars in the region of the Middle East, and it has more than over 395,000 active riders and about 19,000 active drivers in 15 cities and 9 countries.

In initiative the “Vision of 2030” with which the investment and it will adjust well with Saudi Arabia’s people. The main aims of the vision are to make less the dependence on the oil, to reduce the unemployment, and to increase the women’s participation in the workforce, therefore, the Uber tells the monitor in an e-mail.

At the same time, the investment has also lifted the questions about the Saudi Arabia’s rules and regulation on the women’s driving a wheel. Even though here there is no written law rules and regulation on women from catching behind the wheel and in practice they are not issued to the driver’s licenses. Therefore they effectively were prohibiting them from driving in most of the areas.

The global success of the Uber which makes it a good to the investment in Saudi Arabia’s extended the investment fund and it was said by David Ottaway, who is a Wilson Center specialist on the Middle East and a foreign approach think tank and tells that The Christian Science Monitor.

The Government controlled the Saudi Telecom Co-operated will invest the amount of 100 million dollars in the Middle East based on a ride-hailing application called Careem Networks FZ which giving a valuation and this is the four-year-old company of about 1 billion dollars.

The board of the Saudi Telecom Company, which is called as STC, as the Saudi company is known and the company approved the purchase of a 10.2 percent pole in the Dubai-based on Careem in the month on15 Dec and this is based on the statement on the Saudi Stock Exchange on Sunday. The Saudi Telecom Company will capitalize the month to the deal from the internal resources. Already the company has an investor in the Careem via its venture capital arm, the STC Ventures, and this was according to the Careem’s website.

The raid-hailing service of Careem has been working with the Credit Suisse Group AG to hike as much as with 500 million dollars and the matter was said in the month of September where the people are familiar with it, calculating that the company could be valued at more than 1 billion dollars even after the funding.

The Careem hiked more than 60 million dollars in the last year from the investors, which include purchasing from Abraaj Group to extend in the Middle East of Saudi, Africa and Asia.

The investment is in line with the company approach to investing in the creative digital world and the statement was given by STC. The public in the Saudi Arabia, which give the Investment Fund, which also can hold a 72 percent stake in the STC and in the month of  June the Uber have invested more than 3.5 billion dollars in the San Francisco-based Uber.

Therefore a number of money is flowing into the Middle East of Saudi technology and the startups as investors look to gain from the region’s high finical growth of the country and smart phone penetration rates of the services. is one of the online marketplaces and this is the first companies in the region to reach unicorn status. A technology which starts up the valued at 1 billion dollars with a fund amount raising round over the last year and therefore the people are familiar with told Bloomberg over the last March month. Inc. is also one of the online marketplaces and talks to buy the online business owner and the people common with the matter told Bloomberg in the month of November. According to the STC statement the Careem, which started in the year of 2012 and it, operates 48 cities in both Turkey and Pakistan, it across the Middle East and the North Africa.

That is not quite at all and there is more money is coming. Therefore the Careem said that this 350 million dollars allocation is the first tranche of a bigger 500 million dollars, which round that and it is currently working on it. The company did not supply a timeframe for the entire when the raise will be completed.

Saudi Telecom Company already has the Careem equity via a former investment which is made by STC Ventures and an independently controlled investment business and that counts the telco as its key of the LP, but now it is making its peculiar deal as part of a strategy to invest in the creative digital world.

We have known the Uber exists in more than 400 cities around worldwide, including in the Middle East, and it has economic ties in their regional area. The United State’s ride-sharing officer announced in the month of June that it had taken over 3.5 billion dollars, which are investment from Public Investment Fund I.e. PIF, the main investment fund of Saudi Arabia is at a valuation of just over 63 billion dollars. Back then, Uber said that it had 394,000 active riders in the area of the Middle East region. In Saudi Arabia, where women are strictly prohibited from driving on a road, the Uber said that more than 80 percent of their customers are female.