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Men’s Guide to a Perfect Summer Fragrance


April 09, 2020 01:12 AM

When you think about shopping for the summer season, you think of all the S’s: shorts, swimwear, shades, and sunscreen. What you almost certainly ignore is another necessary S: scent.

When the weather warms up, your wardrobe changes. Your winter garments were dark and heavy; your summer garments are lighter, brighter and airier. The same goes for your fragrance. In winter you’ll go away with darker, deeper, and powerful scents, however, once summer comes around it’s time for something completely different.

In fact, it’s even scientific. Fragrance reacts differently in heat. It intensifies and disperses more quickly, which means that heavier scents will simply become resistless in warm weather. Moreover, all that heat means that probably you’re naturally producing a bit more essence of your own that is best balanced out by fresh and clean smells instead of cologne weighed down by vanilla and amber.

As your wardrobe lightens up, complement it by swapping your signature scent for a summer fragrance that contains seasonally proper ingredients.

Key Summer Notes

There are three basic things to keep in mind while choosing the proper aromatic accompaniment to your summer vogue. First, keep it fresh and energising. Second, embrace nature. Third, don’t be afraid to travel a bit bolder when the sun goes down. Search for fragrances with these notes:


Citrus notes are what keep you feeling very fresh and so clean throughout summer. Assume bergamot, blood orange, grapefruit and neroli. Citrus is fresh, spirited and ascent, that is exactly how you wish to feel when the weather is good. Mix citrus notes with warmer, more comforting things like cedar or sandalwood for a well-balanced scent.


What might possibly be more appropriate for a summer scent than flowers? No, they’re not essentially sweet, and no, they’re not just for ladies. It’s time to let those Neanderthal concepts go. Florals are fresh and refined, and much more masculine than your prejudices would have you believe. Rose, jasmine, lavender, geranium, freesia… you’re only restricted by however bold you’re willing to be.

At night, you wish a fragrance that’s getting to make a bigger statement. In winter there’s more leeway to travel crazy along with your interpretation of “bigger statement,” however in summer restraint is a virtue. Holding with base notes from nature is a reliable bet to ensure your fragrance isn’t irresistible. Try vetiver and woods like sandalwood and cedar.

The real masculine fragrance comprises of all the natural ingredients that upon mixing, give a refreshing fragrance. There are two well-known masculine signature scents that are recommended most of the experts. The Cobra perfume and the Fogg Body spray. The Cobra perfume is well known for its pleasant yet strong and refreshing fragrance. It consists of all the necessary ingredients that appeal and soothes the sensations. The Cobra perfume price in Pakistan is quite affordable as well.

Another refreshing and soothing fragrance is the Fogg body spray. The top most notable notes are floral and the woods come after. This body comprises of a perfect mix of summer flowers with slight woody blends. The Fogg body spray price in Pakistan is affordable and also it is easily available in the market.