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How Healthy is Your Root Chakra?


April 13, 2020 01:53 AM

The root chakra is situated at the perineum. Its colour is red and this chakra might look like a funnel with an opening down to the earth. It helps us to ground into the heart of the planet and to create the energetic connection. By working and developing the energetic connection with the earth we feel stable, safe, we trust the life, we share and support, we feel secure, generous and we enjoy the life.

If the root chakra is unbalanced we look for security in the external world, we create boundaries and limitations for ourselves – we look for life or health insurances, we are too attached to the material objects, we are fearful, we are afraid of the unknown we feel restless, instable, worried, drained of life force energy.

The first chakra is the foundation upon we build the rest. If there are any imbalances in this chakra it will affect the whole chakra system and throw us off balance. This chakra develops in our childhood. In the childhood we learn how to develop connection to the earth and to the life. We depend on our survival through the mother. She is the nurturer and the primary giver at this stage of our lives.

If during these years of our earlier childhood we experience conflict or anything that threatens our survival, we will keep the memory of that in the energetic body. This will affect our well-being later in our lives especially in the adulthood and we will very probably have problems in love relationship.

We need to feel fully grounded and centred with the chakra system of the planet earth. The planet earth is connected with the solar system, with the Milky Way galaxy and its center and with the whole cosmos. It is not a separate entity but a part of a larger organism that we call the Universe.

dsc05931It is very vital for us to be feel grounded because by doing this, we feel safe, we function in the present moment and we realize that we are a part of the whole.

If we feel ungrounded we might be restless, agitated, worried, we cannot stay still, we always wonder about something – we create illusions that we perceive as our reality. We start looking for satisfaction in the outside world or in others, we become very easily influenced or shaken. We do not trust the Universe and its natural flow but rather we believe in what others say. Our relationships are based on emotional attachments, neediness, clinging, and mental manipulation so we can get from others what we want.

The base chakra is the foundation for manifesting financial stability and abundance. If our root chakra is healthy, we are able to create, we allow the universal energies to flow naturally, we do not need to control others.

Fear can be overwhelming and overpowering. As we become disconnected from the earth energetic connection, we feel isolated and secluded. We might see others as enemies that need to be conquered. Safety turns into insecurity, trust turns into doubt, health turns into illness, solidity turns into instability. We are trying to control the external world but more we are doing this, more entrapped we become in our own limitations. The security comes within – it is not the other way round.

There are two basic emotions in the Universe – fear and love. Fear prevents us from experiencing a harmonious and peaceful life. We might feel that we must be constantly on the go, ready to fight for our survival – pay mortgage or bills. But this is only psychological illusion. Our family are the main ground for passing habitual patterns about money, basic needs, survival our self-worth. If our parents are lacking any of these attributes, this will become as an ingrained memory that will affect us later on. We will never feel secure or we will never feel valued or good enough because these emotions are deeply rooted in our cells. The deeply ingrained mental thoughts can start in the mother’s womb. Her emotional state while she is being pregnant affects her baby enormously.

dsc05927Crystal tip – Red Jasper

Red Jasper is a crystal of physical strength and vitality. The stone assists to increase one’s stamina and the amount of life force in one’s physical body. Red Jasper balances the root chakra – our energetic connection to the earth. The crystal stimulates creative energies, encourages passion and excitement about one’s project, goal or work. The crystal helps to heal issues related shame or guilt about one’s physical body.

Red Jasper has been on my mind for the last few weeks. I am being guided to create a crystal grid that I will be sharing with you.


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