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Queen of Cups

Emotions are vast as the ocean. They represents waves in the ocean and they are part of us. Sometimes these waves can feel larger than we are. It is when we give them ‘food’ to thrive on. Our thoughts and past experiences influences our emotional state. Queen of Cups has travelled on this journey of the emotional turmoil and she understand how to stay calm when she experiences challenges and obstacles. She represents the energy of support, love, compassion and understanding. On this cards she appears to be a bit dreamy, gazing into distance but she is calm at the same time. She feels contented and fulfilled. The message from this card is to review your life experiences and how much you have grown emotionally. This card also represents not be afraid of your emotions but rather acknowledging them as a gift that you can ‘feel’. Through feelings we build a bridge to reconnect with the rest of the cosmos.  So Queen of Cups invites to enter her world of feeling, emotion and sensuality. She embodies empathy, feels deeply for another person. She is a sincere friend, a loyal wife or devoted lover.


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