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History and Features of Best Home Treadmills


November 17, 2018 10:33 PM

A home treadmill is a very popular fitness machine. The popularity of this health machine is increasing at a fast rate now. Most of the People have a busy schedule and they don’t have enough time to go out to a gym for jogging, walking or for exercising. It has got a lot of changes in its shape, size and features.

There are many interesting facts about the invention of these machines. You will be surprise to know that first treadmill was invented in 1875. Another surprising fact about its history is that the first one was not invented for human, in fact it was invented for use by animals. It was designed to fulfill the agricultural need of farmers as they want a portable device which can be used in different locations. The first one was invented powered by the motion of an animal walking.

Initially, it was constructed and designed for different purposes and could perform different tasks too. It had different shapes and sizes and could perform various tasks. For example, in its initial stages, it was also used for butter churner.

So, we understand now that when this health machine was invented, it was not used as health and fitness gadget. Then the next question arises when and how this machine started being used as a health and fitness gadget. Okay, we will help you find its answer. In 1952, doctor of Washington University stated that this health machine could be used for medical purpose too. He tests the significance of its usage on patients and found that the patient's health is being improved.

This health machine was started being recognized as an important health gadget till 1960. Now, there are several manufacturers of this health machine. Each manufacturer claims his health machine to be the best one. Yet at that time, all these machines were a manual one. It does not support by any power. Users need to use his own force to move the belt.

Initial shape and technology:

An early version of this health machine was quite large in size. It occupies a big space in your home. This one was designed for the purpose of being used at home only. In 1990, the more advanced machines were introduced in the market. These machines have motorized track and electronic control. These machines work with the electric power and can do a calculation of distance walked on these gadgets. You can also adjust the walking or running speed.

Basic components:

Today, most of us used buy motorized treadmill, which has lots of features and advance support. These machines have the following components.

Motor- it has a motor which has a capacity of 2.5 horsepower to 5 horsepower. The motor capacity depends upon its uses and purposes.

Belt- the belt is the area which we used to walk on this gadget. Usually, a two-ply or greater belt is best because the single belt will need replacement too quickly.

Deck- the deck is the area below the belt. Its cushioning helps you to prevent injuries like shin splints, back pain and foot problems.

Display panel and control- display panel and control help you to operate your device easily. The display helps you to check the distance and the speed of your walking.

These above all are the basic components of this health machine.  Today, most of these machines are loaded with fully advanced features that can help you in maintaining fitness.

In the end, I would like to say that you should invest on this health gadget because it will give good health benefits for a longer time. But you should strictly follow the routine of exercising on it in order to maintain your health.