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Background and Benefits of Indian Head Massage


Indian head massage has been practised over thousands of years in India, mainly by women and passed from one generation to the next. They have been using natural oils as they have recognised and valued their healing properties. Oils are often mixed with herbs and spices such as amla, brahmi, shikakai or henna. Indian head massage stimulates the blood flow to the scalp and hair follicles, promotes healthy and strong hair, encourages relaxation and releases stress. Holding on tension in the upper back and shoulders causes the muscles to tightened and prevents the oxygenated blood to flow to the upper parts of the body. This causes headaches, pains, eyestrain, mental and emotional exhaustion, insomnia.

dsc05864Indian head massage involves massage to shoulders, arms, upper neck, face, ears, scalp, balances chakra points (throat, third eye and crown chakras), releases stagnant energy from the subtle energy bodies, increases joint mobility, drains away toxins and can improve memory. It is a safe and simple technique. If you are not paying attention to your body and how you feel, anger or anxiety builds up over the time. These blockages cause stiff neck or even hair loss. Indian head massage works on all levels – emotional, mental, spiritual and physical. One treatment can make you switch off from the outside world, calm your busy mind, increase creativity and sense of purpose. Regular massage improves the condition of your hair and your skin. Indian head massage increases blood circulation and provides additional oxygen to the brain. Skin cells and hair follicles are than supplied with nutrients and minerals.

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