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History and Benefits of Thai Foot Massage


Short history and background

I first visited Thailand back in 2009. Mesmerised by their rich and ancient culture, Thai cuisine and their hot climate, I made a promise myself to make changes in the way I view foods and my entire life style. After years of searching and relearning, I can humbly say from the depth of my heart, that I have returned to a holistic way of living.

Abundantia Holistic Therapies was founded in 2016. We offer holistic massages such as natural face lift massage, beauty facial massage, Indian head massage and Thai foot massage. Please check our website for more information, articles, videos, news, events and offers.

Thai culture is powerful it is a result of the past and its ability to respond to new influences. Thailand used to be a stop-over for traders that were travelling between South-East Asia, India and China. These foreign influences left behind traces of its own culture and their heritage. Thailand’s abundance of at hand grown foods is expressed in its cuisine. Buddhism is visible in all aspects of Thai society. Most men spend at least three months in a temple or as a monk depending on only being fed by everyone else. In Thai culture, a man must become  a monk to be considered as a grown-up, mature and trustworthy.

Thai foot massage is several thousands of years old. In Buddhist Temples, monks had their feet massaged as a part of spiritual practise. Thai foot massage is a fundamental part of the Thai culture, it is still practised between family and friends. In Thailand it is offered in each tourist’s area and can be found in any market.

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