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Food Tours: The Four Places in the Philippines for Food Enthusiasts


July 22, 2019 09:55 PM

It has been said and widely believed that cooking and eating in a foreign country may be the surest and truest way to its soul.

Indeed, there are distinct notes and hints in a country’s culture and history that you would only get to experience by sampling their epicurean offers. In this regard, it might even be argued that the best way to get to know a foreign country is to eat your way through it. To some, the food element of a foreign travel can be easily overlooked and are not as significant as the tours and sights. However, some individuals would go as far to traveling simply for the foreign gastronomic offers. After all, dining in a foreign country is already an experience in itself and getting to taste the different flavors gives you something a little more to remember when you do get back home. For this reason, food tours have become rather popular with more and more individuals joining the growing bandwagon of food enthusiasts. If you have never been on a food tour, why not ease yourself into the idea by going on a local food jaunt? There is no need to travel far simply for this excursion as the Philippines has quite a myriad of places that would be suitable for a food travel.

To see what places are ideal for food tours and food enthusiasts, take a gander at the list below:

  1. San Fernando, Pampanga

Known as the culinary epicenter of the Philippines, San Fernando Pampanga is bound to serve foodies some delectable and sumptuous dishes that would certainly indulge their fancies. In fact, some of the most celebrated Filipino home cooked meals have recipes that originated in Pampanga. Famous Kapampangan dishes would include pansit luglug, tamales and of course, the ubiquitous Filipino inuman staple, sisig. So, in lieu of visiting tourists spots in Pampanga alone, go ahead and try a food tasting venture.

  1. Vigan

Although many might find Vigan’s food offerings a bit tgoo bland as compared to other Filipino staple dishes, Vigan’s food delicacies are known to have a historical and cultural aspect. Furthermore, the overall dining in experience in Vigan is further amplified by its extraordinarily beautiful ambiance. Your dining milieu actually transports you several years back to a time wherein we were still under Spanish rule. Vigan is primarily known for its well-preserved Spanish architecture that dining in just one of its restaurants would already give you a feel of how it might have been to dine during the Spanish colonial era. Before you start ordering, do not forget to sample one of Vigan’s famous exports, bagoong or fish sauce which is a common ingredient in Ilocano versions of most Filipino dishes.

  1. Binondo, Metro Manila

If you have ever wanted to try authentic Chinese food without having to travel all the way to mainland China, you would be pleased to know that you can do so in Metro Manila. Depending on traffic, the Philippines’ oldest Chinatown, Binondo is only an hour away from the metro and it offers a great sampling of regional Chinese food. Moreover, as Binondo is a multifaceted city within the Philippines’ largest city, Metro Manila, you are sure to find Filino-Chinese food fusions in this cultural melting pot of a place.

  1. Legazpi City

Individuals with a hankering for a little kick to their food should definitely try the dishes offered in Legazpi City. Bicolano dishes are well-known for the added spicy kick in flavor considering that chili is a staple in most of their dishes. In fact, anyone well-versed with Bicol express would already have an idea just how spicy their food staples can be. Most of their food samplings are combined with coconut milk which is oft-considered as the key components in regional favorites such as Bicol express and Laing.