The Five Core Elements of A Good Wedding Reception

“Your wedding venue is more than just a setting; it is the place where memories are made, so set the date, then let your imagination take over” -Uknown Author

It has been said that picking out the perfect place for your wedding reception is a lot more difficult than finding a spouse and in a way, the sentiment is not entirely unfounded. Looking for a perfect place to hold your wedding banquet together with your guests involves more than just selecting a wedding venue big enough to accommodate you and your guests, the logistics extends to determining whether or not the venue you have chosen can meet all your needs to a degree of satisfaction. Considering that this is a major milestone in one’s life, it would be understandable that a bride would want to lock down every detail into perfection—from the main program down to the extraneous details such as the food, her dress, etc. All this would not be able to come to fruition if the venue you have selected is not up to scratch with the standards you have set for a beautiful wedding. After all, the wedding venue plays a pivotal role in the success of your event. However, there are many things that make a wonderful wedding reception, and it would help you greatly if you can at least nail down the key elements of what makes it perfect. So, if you have a wedding date coming up, make sure to pay close attention to these five elements:

1.) Location, Location, Location

One of the determining factors as to whether or not your event will be a momentous affair is the wedding venue itself. In fact, it is one of the failsafe ways to give your guests a pleasant experience. Think of an excellent venue that would not only suit your needs but one that gives you the right ambiance and fits appropriately with your theme as well. Lastly, take note of the size as you would not want your guests to be all cramped in a small space.

2.) Service

Another determining factor as to whether your affair would be successful is the service provided alongside the venue. When it comes to delivering a memorable experience to your guests and yourself, nothing less than exemplary service should do. Assure that the service you hire on your wedding day would be attentive and very professional.

3.) Entertainment

Of course, amidst the dinner and cocktail hour, it would only be appropriate to provide your wedding guests a semblance of entertainment unless you want them to get easily bored. Additionally, providing entertainment would make guests stay longer and would not make them feel like they were just invited to witness you get married and eat. Choose appropriate entertainers for your wedding event such as hiring a live band or a DJ. Additionally, so as to make your guests more involved in the occasion, ask them to join in some games as prepared by you and the hosts.

4.) Food

Food is arguably the best part of any wedding reception—, especially to your wedding guests. Wedding food is something out of the ordinary as well considering it is not every day that you get to celebrate a momentous event such as a marriage. Come up with a menu with your caterer that you can be sure would leave a great lasting impression on your guests.

5.) Decor

Last and definitely not the least is the wedding venue’s décor. After all, no wedding—no matter how simple—would ever be complete without the décor. Go with something that fits with your theme; you do not have to get too flashy if you wish for something simple. Just apply simple wedding decorations that are tasteful and elegant here and there.

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