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Benefits of Online Pharmacy

Getting medicines is being the challenge in today’s hectic schedule for every working professional as the retail stores opens from 10AM to 10 PM which is closely the working timing for majority of us and due to which some time we skip our required medications too calling on retail store does not guarantee us that we will be getting our medicines. In an age where we buy even our groceries online aspiring entrepreneurs saw this as an opportunity to jump in the sector of online pharmacy, however Indian Drug and Cosmetic act was  created in 1940 they didn’t mention anything related to online pharmacy since they did not see internet coming as this big.

There has been several questions about legality of selling drugs online and there has been couple of ban in few online pharmacy too. Amit Nigam Founder of Drugvilla said “Online pharmacy is a revolutionary change to how Indian buy medicines and will change their perception to look for alternative generic substitute there are medicines”.

Substitutes are always been the questions to buy of not. The basic difference has been to the quality index and whether they will suffice the requirements or not. Drugvilla’s find substitute option help user to see alternates drugs with the price comparison and there sometimes a variation of 50-90% of the actual cost of the medicine.

Drugvilla helps you to find exact substitute from brands like cipla, Lupin, GSK, Torrents as they are the companies you can trust with the quality standards.

Drugvilla operating on brick and click model as of now caters Delhi NCR and with the capital funding of 75000 USD from parent company Akcent India Group. Is majorly focused with the medicine marketing companies and is being the good help in there availability on discounted prices. The business model of Drugvilla to directly delivering medicines to either hospital exit gates or patients convenient places with both pre and post paid order has been successful so far with the referral programs being initiated with Medanta Medicity and Mediclinic.

‘We are getting near about 70 to 80 orders a day with the average value of order being 2500 INR resulting in daily online sales of 175000 to  200000 INR, and with the profit amount we are planning to expand our services to all metro cities in India majorly catering corporate hospital patients.’ Said Amit

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