What are the best Intraocular Lenses (IOLs) for your cataract surgery?

Medical devices that are embedded inside the eye for replacement of the natural lens are known as Intraocular Lenses (IOLs). It takes place during cataract surgery whereas the lenses are also used for vision correction surgery referred to refractive lens exchange.

A wide variety of premium-grade IOLs are available to choose from nowadays however, the surgeon would decide the best ones per the patient’s condition and the extent of cataract surgery. Other factors however contribute to the selection of IOLs such as lifestyle and particular visual needs.

The cataract surgeon, at the time of preoperative exam and consultation would help you choose the most suitable ones alongside any additional cataract surgical cost if your preference is premium-grade implants. Here’s all you should know;


Traditional intraocular lenses carry spherical design with a uniformly curved front surface. Though easy to manufacture, the design is indifferent from natural eye lens in terms of central curvature. That being said, the natural eye lens is aspheric; not entirely round.

Premium-grade aspheric IOLs match closely to the natural eye lens as per the shape and optical quality thus providing a sharper, clearer vision. These lenses cater to enhanced vision in low light conditions such as night-time driving and so on.


Other premium-grade IOLs are Toric that corrects astigmatism, farsightedness and near-sightedness because of different powers in diverse lens meridians. The peripheral part of the lens bears alignment markings which enable surgeons to manage orientation of the IOLs within the eye for maximum correction of astigmatism.

Just before undergoing cataract surgery in Abu Dhabi, surgeon makes temporary markings on the subject’s cornea to identify the most curved point of the eye front. Toric IOL is then implanted against these marking during the surgical procedure so as to ensure proper rectification of astigmatism.

The Limbal Relaxing Incisions (LRI) was performed before Toric IOLs were developed. It was for the treatment of astigmatism during of post-surgery of the cataracts. In rare cases, Limbal Relaxing Incision is performed even after execution of cataract surgery. This is for complete correction of astigmatism and better outcome.

Accommodating IOLs

This is another class of premium-grade IOLs which expand the range of clear vision against both aspheric design and flexible haptic; IOL holders what are placed in the eye. These are flexible legs which accommodates IOLs to trudge forward slightly when you focus on nearby objects thus increasing the power of the eye for improved near vision as compared to the traditional mono-focal lens. Although they mightn’t provide the same magnification for near vision, accommodating IOLs significantly reduces the need for computer and reading glasses post cataract surgery in Abu Dhabi.


Multifocal IOLs are effective against presbyopia that reduces the need for reading and computer glasses after the surgical removal of cataracts. Like other IOLs, these cater to enhanced vision so that you can easily see distant objects without putting on those spectacles. Let the surgeon choose the best multifocal IOLs for you since some are likely to cause more glare or blur the distant vision. Most of the doctors would prefer laser-based cataract surgery especially for patients undergoing laser-based cataract surgery.


Choose your IOLs wisely for better vision and outcome of the preliminary cataract surgery.