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How Augmented Reality Will Take E-commerce to the Next Level?


April 23, 2020 01:46 AM

The trending technology AR is going beyond just games. When Pokemon Go took the world by storm, everybody said ‘Wow’. Now it is the time Pokemon Go is all set to shape the future of e-commerce. In fact, AR could upgrade the shopping experience that shoppers have ever had before.

The Florida-based startup Magic Leap recently held an event where it showed how retailers can integrate AR technology into an e-commerce environment. The demonstration exhibited how virtual models of lamps and other room décors can be superimposed atop a real-world dresser, to give shoppers a real experience of the product before making purchasing decision. The entry cost is still low and the potential benefit you’ll get is extremely high.

Then Walmart failed, Amazon gained

About two decades ago, Walmart failed to identify the potential benefit of the internet. As a result, Amazon bagged the majority of Walmart customers in. This is just an illustration that how a technology makes difference in the business world. The same applies to current-age e-commerce businesses, if they are capable to understand what AR holds within it for them, they can be real front-runners in their industry.

How AR actually helps E-commerce?

The biggest worry of online shoppers is whether a certain product is right for them. By integrating AR into their online stores, businesses can allow shoppers to test the product like how people use styling room to check the suitability of clothes. For example, if it is a wrist-watch and user is viewing it on app, he should overlay the product on his wrist. So he will be able to experience how the actual product will be.

There are many mobile app development companies in California when compare with rest of app companies in the tech savvy world, who are working on it and have already introduced some AR applications.

Apart from this, AR gives shoppers ability to have the in-depth information of the product. Overall, this provides shoppers the confidence that can lead them to make purchasing decision.

AR is not just limited to shopping, its benefits have extremely widened for e-commerce businesses that help them improve employee productivity, improve IT, sales and marketing operations.

Top 3 real-world benefits of AR

Shopping support

As said above, AR helps shoppers take informed purchasing decisions. Let’s imagine your app allows users to click a "selfie" and then apply the preferred cosmetic products to their faces. Obviously they prefer it instead of spending hours on eyeliner options in-store. Here the AR-powered app narrows their choices and streamlines the shopping process.

Customized shopping

AR has the potential to customize overall shopping experience. The app can help shoppers test out different color combinations, or the integrated, user-friendly AI offer clothing suggestions based on purchase history.

Integration of real objects and projected images 

AR integrates real objects and projected images, which bridges the gap between the virtual product user viewing on its phone, and real product in the store. It allows them to try on furniture, clothing and accessories virtually. The AR tool developed by the tech platform Cimagine allows shoppers to organize furniture and appliances in their own living room. So it makes shoppers feel comfortable before making a purchasing decision.


In fact, AR and VR are still growing technologies. They’ve immense opportunities to offer e-commerce businesses who aspire to be driven by technology. If you’re expecting the same, you can leverage AR and VR for a full extent. But it is always better to go with experienced and expert mobile app developers who have a good understanding of AR and VR.