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6 Writing Tips From Online Writers That Makes Readers Happy


October 19, 2018 12:15 PM

Publishing content online opens writers and bloggers to several opportunities. The Internet's reach is far and wide. Anyone who has can read and connects to a network can access the extensive library. Though there are millions of readers on social and publishing platforms, not all of them are satisfied with the content they read.

Most are jumping from a writer's work to another to find the writing style and composition subject that satisfies their content appetite. However, not even writers and content production teams in the digital marketing Philippines arena are veterans at making readers happy.

If you wish to improve your writing style and grammar, you must try these writing tips from writers experienced writers of the Internet.

1. Avoid using words ending with -ing.

Gerunds are nouns ending in -ing. Meanwhile, participles are verbs and adjectives ending in -ing. The reader can't identify the subject when you start the sentence with a gerund. At the same time, several -ing words in the middle of the sentence make it clunky. It strings several thoughts in one sentence only to make it loaded with weak words. It's best to use simple past, present and future tense to be concise and direct. Your written word sounds better when you avoid -ing.

2. Remove "that."

Most sentences can survive without "that." Remove it from your writing to come up with powerful statements. Often, "that" invites unnecessarily long sentences you can cut into two. Break your sentences and rely on periods instead.

3. Don't use "I think."

Just like in real life, saying "I think" does not bear weight. It doesn't contribute to your argument. Your points become effective when you scrap it from your writing. Write what you mean and explain without doubting your statement.

4. Embrace the white space.

For digital marketers, online writers, and bloggers, white space is your friend. Readers can comfortably read the sentences on the screen when paragraphs have proper spacing. Using a recognizable font also reduces eye strain when spending too much time reading text on the screen.

Another thing affecting readability is the length of each sentence. Embrace two or three-word sentences. Keep paragraphs to less than three periods.

5. Make a short opening sentence.

Shrink your opening to a digestible piece. Keep it sweet and short but compelling and conversational. The best-written works attract readers to stay on the page. They engage with the content. If you hit right on the bat, they will amplify the success of your work by sharing it to their network. Win-win.

6. Organize by emotional response.

Users are responsive to emotion-driven content. Combining written material with visuals create a powerful post. It temps audiences to click on it to find more information. When you organize your content by emotional response, you guide them through your online journey.

Writing is skill anyone can learn and improve. It stems from creativity so the more you use it, the more you get better at it. If you want to level up your writing skills, practice and observe these writing tips. It makes you appear smart and help your readers read with ease.