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10 Best off page SEO Trends and Techniques 2017


April 09, 2020 12:00 AM

At present one of the most trending factors on the internet is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Web developers are ensuring that the websites which are being designed and developed are SEO-friendly. There are two prominent factors when we are dealing with SEO which is On-page SEO and Off-page SEO.

Let’s go ahead and gain an insight into the most trending off-page SEO techniques which will definitely increase the traffic to the website. There are many different kinds of techniques which are being used to create the best off-page SEO.

Social Media

It is a fact that there are millions of people across the world that is using the social media. This will be the primary step to start off with off-page SEO for a website. On the social media one can initiate to market and build a reputation for the website within the niche. Creating an account on the social media will help to expand the network of contacts, connect and promote your website to create a good traffic.


Blogs are the best ways for promoting the website as there is a specific reason for the visitors to get back to the site frequently for the recent updates in the form of blogs. The blogs have unique and different, it is important to keep it neat and crisp. It helps the search engine to crawl the website often as the crawlers need to update the latest blogs and ultimately it will increase the rank in the Search Engine Pages.

Blog Marketing

Posting comments on other blogs and adding links under the comments section will bring more users to the website. The links are crawled by the engines and it will be automatically directed to the website by the search engines. These kinds of blogs are in general referred as “Do-follow” blogs.

Forum Submission

Search for the forums where searches are made by the users and ensure that it is relevant to the information provided on the website. This is the place where the connection with the people can be made from the community. In simple words, all you need to do is reply to the threads on the forums; answer the questions, share suggestions and advice, and also try to use “Do-follow” forums.

Search Engine Submission

It is a fact that the search engines will automatically spot the website, but it is a fact that it will take a while for it. For a quick visibility, it is important that the websites are being submitted to the most popular websites like Google, Yahoo, Bing, which will, in turn, be spotted and improve the visibility of the website.

Video Submission

Videos are one of the most popular media on the internet and if they are intended to be made popular, then it is a good idea to head towards the video submission websites. They are considered to be one of the best mediums to pass certain information to the visitors of the website and through which the website will gain traffic.

Image Submission

Image submission is nothing but sharing explicit images on the popular websites. While submitting the images to the websites, it is crucial and important that the information related to the website is available in the image. This is another way of bringing visitors to the website, which will increase the authority of the website.

Profile Creation

There are certain websites where one can find a profile and provide information. On the websites which have high authority, the user can add a link to the website, which is generally termed as “link-building”. The reason for adding it in a high-authority website is because they are the ones which are crawled sooner by the search engine.

Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is considered to be one of the best platforms for the promotion of the websites. When a particular web page or blog post is being bookmarked on the most popular social bookmarking websites, it is an undeniable fact that the website will receive high traffic.

Guest Posting

It is a good idea to add to make guest posts to the websites which have high page ranking. The guest posts can be made on the popular websites which allow the guest posts to be posted and the link to the website can be added as well. With the help of this, a promising traffic can be generated and gain potential customers or subscribers as well.


Website Traffic & Popularity

The reason behind the website to gain traffic and popularity amongst the people is that they optimized appropriately with the help of the SEO techniques. On the internet, there is a software called as the crawler or spider, which basically crawls the websites and index it. When the websites are indexed for a certain number of times is pushed to the top of the search results.

It is crucial that the websites are optimized for the right kind of SEO techniques to gain good traffic and ranking as well. With the help of the off-page SEO techniques, the website will be able to gain traffic. Apart from that, even on-page SEO is equally effective, which are basically rendered on the website rather than the third party means.

Is SEO really needed?

A website receiving millions of views or no views depends on the way it is being presented to the user or visitor. And SEO is one of the best ways to present the website to the people just the way they want it. Is SEO really needed? The answer to this question would be a “Yes” and to a certain extent, there is a requirement for the website to be SEO-friendly.

For a website to gain traffic and popularity with the least amount of investment can be achieved with the help of SEO as the search results of the website are organic, it will gain traffic and popularity. And that will, in turn, create conversions for the website and this is the best for a website.